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As the industry's leading Trust-Tech company, Gogolook uses its huge database and advanced AI technology to provide services in the field of communication fraud prevention, financial technology, and SaaS risk services.

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Risk Management as a Service

Trust is the passport in the digital world.

Gogolook provides risk management services to solve trust problems that appear on this ever-changing digital network.

  • Fraud Risk Management

    With anti-fraud technology as core, our service has extended to fraud prevention and detection for businesses and individuals to ensure the safety of communication.

  • Crime Risk Management

    Advanced AI technology analyzes and predicts the behavior of fraud groups by combining big data and blockchain technology.

  • Credit Risk Management

    The database assists in digital identification and provides fraud prevention and risk management by strengthening digital verification procedures.

Anti-Fraud Products & Services
  • Whoscall

    Whoscall is an application designed to help users identify unknown numbers. Instantly identifying callers, blocking spam calls, and filtering suspicious text messages.

  • Auntie Meiyu

    Our suspicious information verification LINE chatbot, Meiyu, filters suspicious content in a split-second to help users understand the quality of information being received.

An app called Whoscall tells you who a strange number is from.

Whoscall has blocked countless scam calls, and I was impressed by this.

I'm grateful that Whoscall helped prevent numerous frauds during the pandemic.

Business Solutions
  • watchmen-商譽保護服務

    Watchmen Reputation Protection Service

    The combination of Whoscall Number and Fraud Early Warning System allows business to build, monitor, and protect their reputation with customers on various communication channels.

  • identity-suite-數位身份驗證方案

    Identity Suite

    We assist businesses in digital identification by analyzing user's associated networks, along with other behavioral attributes to help prevent digital fraud.

  • 號碼辨識串接服務

    Caller Database Solutions

    Provide API and SDK importing assistance to help telecom companies and enterprises integrate more than 1.6 billion number entries, enabling functions such as real-time detection of unknown callers and prevention of malicious calls.

After using Whoscall Numbers, clients have been more willing to answer calls.

With the service of Whoscall Numbers, more clients are now willing to pick up our calls.

Our logistics contact customers easily with a verified Whoscall Number!

Fintech Services
  • roo-貸鼠先生


    Cooperation with multiple banks provides preferential financial solutions such as credit cards, loans, digital accounts, and housing loans to create a highly transparent financial exchange environment.

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