TrustTech provider Gogolook completes IPO listing in Taiwan

TrustTech provider Gogolook completes IPO listing in Taiwan

APAC’s leading AI anti-fraud company aims to accelerate overseas expansion and innovation to outgrowth the industry

TAIPEI, Taiwan, 13 July, 2023 – TrustTech provider Gogolook announced today the completion of its IPO listing on the Taiwan Innovation Board (TIB) of the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE), under the ticker number 6902. Gogolook is the first pure AI software company in Taiwan which targets global markets listed on the TWSE. With support from the capital market, Gogolook aims to accelerate overseas expansion and innovation to outgrow the industry over the long term.

Founded in 2012, Gogolook offers AI and data-driven anti-fraud services across Taiwan and key
markets in North and South East Asia. Whoscall, the popular caller ID and spam blocking app developed by the company, combined with other Gogolook’s services have blocked over 10 billion scam calls and text messages worldwide. Gogolook today sees over 40% of its revenue from overseas markets, aims to leverage its AI expertise and database to expand its enterprise and consumer-facing fraud detection and prevention services to more markets.

“Generative AI brought new challenges to the fraud prevention industry from lowering the barrier to entry for creating scam and fraudulent content online,” said Jeff Kuo, CEO and co-founder of Gogolook. “With support from the capital market, we aim to accelerate overseas expansion and innovation to outgrow the industry over the long term. We will continue to innovate on services and technologies for personal and enterprise use that follow our core value of ‘Build for Trust,’ and target to make Gogolook one of the best TrustTech companies in the world.”

Gogolook services the booming market of digital anti-fraud, digital identity, and compliance services, which together are valued at over US$250 billion worldwide with a CAGR of 18-22%. The company saw its consolidated revenue in 2022 grow 64% YoY and maintained its gross margin between 85% to 90% in the past 3 years, consistent with the high levels of the software industry. Revenue in 1H23 grew 100% YoY achieving a record half year revenue and continues to explore other markets where the company can replicate its success.

Gogolook debuted its first product Whoscall a decade ago, which now has over 100 million downloads worldwide. The company today offers digital anti-fraud and risk management services in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Brazil through the largest anti-fraud database in East Asia and Southeast Asia. Gogolook is also one of the front runners to expand anti-fraud service from calls, text messages, social media, to Web3 transactions.

Gogolook also offers data and AI-driven services for enterprises. Digital Identity solutions help manage KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering), credit risk and lead
generation onboarding for financial institutions and ecommerce platforms. The business
reputation protection service, Watchmen, allows companies to quickly identify and solve fraud
issues on channels such as phone calls, text messages, and social media. Gogolook has further expanded into the financial sector, starting with personal finance product comparison website, which has established a solid and leading position in Taiwan.

As a founding member of the Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA), Gogolook has partnered with government and industry organizations in Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Japan, and Malaysia to exchange experiences in combating scam activities to minimize fraud across these markets. In addition to being the first “new economy software” company to be listed on the TIB, Gogolook will continue to develop new products with trust at its core and practice corporate social responsibility by being a pioneer in combating digital fraud.

To learn more, watch Gogolook’s IPO pre-listing meeting:

About Gogolook

Founded in 2012, TrustTech provider Gogolook was founded with “Built for Trust” at its core and offers global digital Risk Management as a Service driven with AI and data. Gogolook creates trust-empowering technologies for various applications, including communications and financial technologies, and enterprise SaaS. Gogolook is a founding member of the Global Anti-Fraud Alliance (GASA) and collaborates with the Criminal Investigation Bureau of Taiwan’s National Police Agency, the Financial Supervisory Service of South Korea, the Thai police, the Fukuoka City Government in Japan, the Royal Malaysia Police, and Malaysian state governments to collectively combat fraud issues. With the largest phone number database in East Asia and Southeast Asia as its foundation, Gogolook is dedicated to creating a “fraud-free environment.”
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TrustTech provider Gogolook completes IPO listing in Taiwan
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